The majority of the training and instructions that I give, are provided in the course of the day-to-day care, as I work along side the carers, volunteers or management. However at times I am asked to provide more formal training sessions, for particular groups of staff or volunteers. This training is always custom-made to cover the subjects about which more information is needed and taking into account the education level and cultural background of the people to be trained.

Training can be provided within projects to the staff, but also separately. For example for international volunteer organisations who wish to make sure that their volunteers all have the knowledge needed to provide a good standard of basic, safe care before they are sent out, so that their contribution may be of even greater value. If there is another childcare related subject you would like training for, please contact me, the  list given to the left is not exhaustive.

Now you have an opportunity to see the Seminar on some issues in institutional childcare, which was organised by Snehalaya’s Childline in October 2011, at which I was the main speaker, by clicking the link below. It has been edited to leave out the local translation. Sound quality at one or two points suffered from the overhead fans unfortunately. 

It is now also possible to order the institutional childcare manual ‘Children Everywhere’, the medical manual ‘Sick Children Everywhere’ and the volunteer manual ‘Volunteers with Children Everywhere’. On the ‘Order Books’ page you will find information about how to do this.