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A series of manuals, called the ‘Children Everywhere’ series, is being produced. Currently the first three books in the series are available: ‘Children Everywhere. Book 1: Essential Elements of Childcare in Institutions’, ‘Sick Children Everywhere. Book 2: Basic Medical Care for Children in Institutions’ and ‘Volunteers with Children Everywhere. Book 3: Manual for Volunteering in Children’s Homes’. The first and third manual can be ordered through most major online booksellers, or through the lulu.com buttons on this website.

The medical manual can currently only be ordered straight through this website. The price of the manual is £13,- per copy. To order the manual, please send an email to info@orphanageprojects.org with the following information:

  • Your name and the address where the books should be shipped to
  • The number of copies you would like to order

You will then receive an email back with instructions for payment – for the moment bank transfer or sending the money through Paypal are the only payment options. Once payment has been received, your order will be processed.

An overview of the cost of shipping is given below.

Price of shipping:                                   1 book                2-4 books            5-8 books

Outside of Europe                                  £14                     £27                       £45.50

Western Europe (excl. Ireland)           £7                       £15.50                  £20

Eastern Europe (excl. Russia)              £15                     £21                      £25


To order the institutional childcare manual ‘Children Everywhere’, the first manual in the series, you can click on this link:


To order the volunteering manual ‘Volunteers with Children Everywhere’, the third manual in the series, you can click on this link:
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Ordering the manuals and donating them to children’s homes, is a powerful way to improve the quality of life and the chance of survival for the children in those homes!