Help Us

How can you help Orphanage Projects continue our work? There are various ways in which you can help make a difference.


The basic cost of a single project-visit is usually about £1500,- (ca €1800,-), this covers traveling costs, visas and essential necessities. This is presuming the visited children’s home will provide free room and board, which is generally the case. Orphanage Projects’ aim is to visit the ongoing projects for a few weeks each once every year, as well as to expand the number of locations visited – either for single visits or as new ongoing projects, depending on the wishes of the children’s home.

Furthermore there are of course constant operational costs such as internet and computer use, local traveling costs, the cost of bringing out the manuals, and fees related to bureaucratic requirements. And when the budget allows after basic costs are covered, investments in medical books and equipment, courses to enable to provide better help are also part of regular expenses made.

Your donations could make this possible. Any amount will help in bringing together the total. Anyone who decides to donate can choose to earmark their donation for a specific project or a specific expense and can be assured that this is what it will be used for.

In Kind

Valuable donations do not all need to be in money. For example you could donate a return flight to one of the projects out of the frequent flyer miles you have accumulated. And donations in kind such as lightly worn second-hand baby clothes, first aid or medical supplies, toys that aid and stimulate development and physiotherapy aids for children are all more than welcome. They might be things your children have outgrown or stopped using which are lying around cluttering up your home.

Companies can also help out by providing discounts or sponsoring once off or regular needs, such as medical supplies, travel insurance, flights, etc.

You can also consider ordering one or more copies of the Instituational Childcare Manual and sending it to a children’s home or orphanage that you know of. This is a small gesture with potentially an enormous impact, because it allows more people access to the knowledge that is essential to improving children’s quality of life.

Time and Knowledge

Last, but certainly not least, you can donate your time and expertise by volunteering. We are always looking for volunteers with medical and paramedical backgrounds who are interested in helping out. This can either be by accompanying a visit to a project. But also by making yourself available as a consultant to answer questions and give advice from your home or office whenever problems are encountered.

At this moment we are also looking for translators – of all major languages – willing to donate their time to translate the Institutional Childcare Manual, as well as the Medical Manual which is nearing completion, to help the knowledge reach as many people as possible.

Please contact us if you are willing and able to help out in any way!