Current Project

I am currently in Europe, having just returned from India. There I visited Snehalaya in Ahmednagar and advised them on the situation at the Rehabilitation Centre – home to 262 children, many of them HIV+ – and at Snehankur, the adoption centre for up to 30 babies and toddlers. I also gave two seminars in Ahmednagar, one for parents of children with mental challenges, organised by Anamprem, and one for representatives of 12 childcare institutions from the district, organised by Snehalaya. Then I travelled to Belgaum to give further guidance to Sparsh School for Differently-Abled Children and the Belgaum Cantonment School for Differently-Abled Children, there too I gave a seminar for parents of mentally challenged or autistic children. After which I went to Bangalore to work together with U&I’s care department to improve the care given in the 4 state-run homes for children or adults with mental handicaps. While in Bangalore I also had the opportunity to visit Ashraya School for Differently-Abled Children and at their request held a training session for their teachers.

The third manual ‘Volunteers with Children Everywhere’ is now available to buy, through this website or via online bookshops like Amazon and Barnes&Nobles. On the ‘Order Books’ page, you can find a button to order a copy of this manual, as well as instructions for ordering the other two.

Work on the Second Edition of the first manual and on the start of the fourth manual are ongoing. Work on an overview of the Institutional Childcare Situation in All Countries of the World also continues.

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