Orphanage Projects

Many places in the world find themselves dealing with the care of children who have no one to look after them. Be it because they are orphaned through war, famine, natural disaster or HIV/Aids, or because they are abandoned for cultural, economic or medical reasons. While in every country there are some arrangements for the care of these children – in most cases a combination of state-run institutions and facilities run by NGOs – a lot is left to be desired in this area.

Because of limited means, limited knowledge, limited staff, and sadly sometimes limited interest, levels of care often fall well short of what is needed for children to be able to grow up and enjoy a good quality of life. Amongst the weakest group – infants – the toll is the highest. Lack of proper care quickly leads to high mortality among infants.

While on the other hand, simply more knowledge about and insight into childcare can save lives and make life more enjoyable for both children and carers. All you require to start reducing infant mortality is:

  • A genuine interest in improving the care in your institution
  • The cooperation of your staff in this endeavour
  • Someone to provide you with the required knowledge

Would it surprise you to find out reduction of killers like infant pneumonia is in large part based on just knowledge? Or that the quality of life of children with motor development delays can often already be drastically improved without investing in equipment, with just regular exercises?

Who does not want to see the children in their care live to see their first birthday and beyond? And see their faces beam with pride as they reach their next developmental milestone.

Obviously being a single person, I cannot change the world. But I can change the world for one child. And then another one. And another.